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Dillon Builders are a family operated building company based in Hobart and Orford, Tasmania.

Specialising in custom builds, renovations and extensions - both commercial and residential. 

High end quality construction realising our client's unique visions.

Project management - from concept to completion. 

HSEQ consulting and auditing.

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Dillon Builders
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Chris, Louise and Stuart, independently consult in their own fields of expertise on various projects.

Collectively, they provide complete building solutions as a specialised team with the ability to translate every level of the building process for unique, boutique and those not straight out of the box style builds.

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Full Open Builders Class licence with over 40 years experienced in the construction industry

A registered and active member of the Master Builders Association for more than 30 of those years, committed to the design, construction and maintenance of structures that incorporate the best practice for sustainable solutions for the built environment


(B.Com) – an experienced Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) professional, experienced in the interpretation and application of legislation and relevant industry standards with extensive auditing, compliance and reporting experience

From the oil and gas industry to construction and civil experience in HSEQ roles, coupled with health and safety and integrated systems lead auditor qualifications, reinforcing a solid background in the development, implementation and auditing/maintenance of management systems

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(B.Arch; B.Con Mgmt Hon) – Registered commercial builder with over 15 years experience in the construction industry

Complimented by a number of years in high end architecture along with substantial building compliance and standards knowledge, polishes a solid resume in all facets of building infrastructure including local residential works to commercial project management



PO Box 148 Orford Tas 7190

0418 549 350

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